Monday, November 29, 2010

Folgers Guerrilla Marketing

I thought this form of guerrilla marketing was really eye catching.  The manhole really looks like a steaming cup of hot coffee.  I think this form of advertising would definitely catch more people's eyes than traditional advertising.  The pictures shows how the advertisement caught people's eyes as they came across it in the street.

I have been very interested in guerrilla marketing recently because there are so many different options to choose from with this form of advertisement.  Guerrilla advertisements give the ad agencies so much more room for creativity because they aren't confined to a certain amount of space in a magazine, on a billboard, or in a newspaper.  I think this form of advertising is going to continue to grow larger.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fridge Advertisement

This advertisement is for a refrigerator brand.  The concept of this advertisement was to show people that this fridge can keep food fresh for a very long amount of time.  The meat in this photograph is supposed to be from a sabertooth tiger.  

I thought this advertisement was a good attention grabber.  When I first saw it, I couldn't figure out what kind of meat it was so I clicked to enlarge the picture.  When I finally figured out what it was, I thought it was pretty funny.  I think ads like this grab the viewers attention better because they want to figure the picture out, and once they do, they are aware of the brand.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The "Baconator" Reality

I found this image from someone's blog online.  It was apparently someone who went to Wendy's expecting a Baconator sandwich that looked like the one in the advertisement on the left.  The Baconator the person received ended up being the one in the picture on the right.  This person was very unhappy with their Baconator.  This shows that food advertisements can make different foods look extremely delicious, when in reality, they looking nothing like the image.

I think people get angry very often with this issue, but don't really do anything about it because they are going to eat the food anyway.  I feel as though advertisements that make food look much better than it really looks deceives the target audience and makes them think they are going to get something much higher quality than they are actually getting.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Escalator Ad

I thought this advertisement was very eye catching.  I love how it looks like the people are riding a roller coaster.  I am guessing it's an advertisement for some sort of a theme park.  I feel like guerilla marketing such as this has become more popular with today's culture.  People expect advertisements to be on billboards, signs, and forms of transportation.

With advertisements in odd places such as this one, people are taken by surprise and are more likely to notice the ad.  Also, guerilla marketing can be done anywhere instead of just on a certain amount of space on a board, so it gives the advertisers much more room to be as creative as possible.  I feel as if in the future, guerrilla marketing will continue to grow.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Diesel: Be Stupid Campaign

I stumbled upon this interesting advertisement on the internet a few days ago.  It is an advertisement for Diesel, which is a clothing brand.  I don't really understand what being stupid has to do with the brand.  I feel as if this is a very negative ad campaign because all of the advertisements are encouraging people to get into trouble.  After looking at these ads for this campaign, I see that they all make causing mischief sound cool.

This campaign could have a negative effect on people because it makes them want to act "stupid" just to be cool.  I don't understand how this ad could attract people to their clothing line.  These ads have nothing to do with their clothing line except the people getting into trouble are wearing their clothes.  Overall, I think this ad campaign could have a negative effect on people.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Clean Ad

This advertisement is obviously for the Mr. Clean brand.  I can't tell if this is actually a real ad that was made in the street, or if it was just altered on a computer.  Either way, I think it is a very creative idea.  It seems like it would be guerilla marketing.  I think advertisement is comical for people to see, and it would catch people's attention because there is such a difference between the whiteness of the Mr. Clean stripe compared to the others.

I think advertisements like this are a better way to grab people's attention, because they are so unexpected from the audience that they want to look at the ad to see what it is about.  Guerilla marketing catches the attention better than internet advertisements or advertisements in magazines and newspapers because people have kind of tuned out those ads more because they expect them to be there.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Anti-Child Abuse Ad

I think this ad is extremely influential.  It is an ad for a campaign against child abuse and depicts a "broken" child as the result.  I think this ad could really affect the audience in a positive way to end child abuse, but I also think the ad could make people react negatively.  The only reason I think people might react negatively to the ad is because it is such a strong image.  When I first saw this ad, it made me very sad to see this image.  I feel as if others may feel really sad when they see this image too.

I think this is a very good ad because it has such a strong message.  I do think that the image could be kind of controversial because it is an image of a child in pain.  The ad may be controversial, but maybe it takes an image like this to help prevent child abuse.

Monday, October 4, 2010

National Geographic Ad

This advertisement was made by National Geographic in a campaign for the environment.  The ad is proving a point about trash bags.  Apparently trash bags look extremely similar to jellyfish when in water.  Many animals think they are food and try to eat them.  These bags can kill animals that try to eat them.

The advertisement proves to the viewers that plastic bags look extremely similar to jellyfish.  When I first saw this picture, I thought it was a picture of jellyfish in the ocean.  I think this advertisement does a very good job of depicting how harmful pollution can be.

I feel as if this advertisement could be misleading though, because the bags do look so much like jellyfish.  Someone could just take a glance at the picture and think it is a picture of jellyfish and think nothing of it and not read what the ad actually says.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chocolate Advertisement

I chose this advertisement because it uses examples of advertisement design elements we have talked about in class.  The color scheme of this advertisement is all brown and tan tones.  In class, we discussed how chocolate advertisements are usually brown to show the color and texture of the chocolate.  The ad is very visually appealing with this color scheme and the pictures of the box of chocolates.

The ad also uses a play of words with the name of the company being "The Chocolate Moose".  The ad doesn't use much white space, and the white space it does have is covered by the company label and other script. Overall, I feel like this is a very enticing ad that makes me want to buy their brand of chocolate.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anti-Smoking Ad

This ad was made for an anti-smoking campaign, mocking Joe Camel, the character used to represent Camel cigarettes.

Smoking has been an issue in the world for the past decades.  Recent knowledge has been exploiting the negative side effects of smoking.  Advertisements such as below are very blunt and to the point.  They don't try to candy-coat the fact the smoking has very harmful side effects.

These ads for anti-smoking campaigns are harsh, but are made this way to hopefully scare people away from smoking or scare them into quitting smoking.  I feel that it takes a blunt ad such as this to really persuade the target audience.  This ad is blunt and harsh because it shows just how bad someone can end up after smoking.

This ad is relevant to what we are learning in class because it proves the power of advertising and the strength that a message can have on people's behavior. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Obesity Campaign

I am not sure what company made these ads or exactly why, but I am guessing it was some sort of fitness brand with a campaign for people to get healthy.  The images portray a fit and healthy person inside of an obese person trying to push their way out.  These ads make the obese person not seem as real as the fit person inside of them, which makes the viewers think that the real them is much healthier.  

I think these ads could be very persuasive to obese people.  I think an image such as this can be very motivational, because it shows people the potential that they have to get in shape.  It puts them in the state of mind that they have that "inner fit person" just trying to get out.  

On the other hand, these ads could also be offensive to obese people.  They might feel like people are telling them who they should be while some obese people are fine with the way they are.  

I think these ads relate to what we are learning in class because they are a very persuasive advertisements that make the audience think about their lifestyle choices.  They also are examples of things that could offend the target audience which in this case would be obese people or people who could be obese.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lego Ad

I chose to write about this ad because I thought it was extremely simple, but very cute.  I like the way it has a picture of the Legos with the airplane as a shadow.  The ad shows Legos can expand a child's creativity.  I think the ad shows the fun that is found in a simple children's toy.  Imagination is what makes the toy fun.  

This ad promotes children's creativity, which differs from the newer children's toys that are so complex that they make it harder for children to create what they want with the toy. For example, there are plenty of action figures being sold, but they do not leave room for the imagination of the child to decide what they want it to be.  Children cannot build whatever they want out of an action figure. The ad shows how a couple of Legos can make a child's imagination run wild.  It shows the fun that a child could have from their own creativity.

I think this ad is relevant to the class because it is a very clever and creative ad.  It would attract the target audience of parents well because it shows that Legos expand a child's imagination.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heineken Ad

I thought this ad was creative and funny.  I like the fact that it is slightly 3-D, which makes it more eye-catching to me.  It is a very large ad, so it would easily be seen, and the 3-D makes it stand out even more.  The color scheme of almost all of Heineken's ads are monochromatic, which I like because when you see one of their ads, you know it is theirs right away from the same color green that is in every one.  

I also like how this ad is very simple.  The simplicity of it makes it stand out more to me, because the picture is very clear.  There is the Heineken label and only one word, Biertje, which means beer in Dutch.  The ad is so simple, yet overpowering at the same time with the largeness of the ad and the large amount of green in the ad.  Overall, I think this is a good ad for Heineken. 

I think this ad relates to class because it is a very creative way of advertising and is a good source of inspiration for students that are new to the world of advertising since the message is so simple and clear in the ad.