Monday, October 11, 2010

Anti-Child Abuse Ad

I think this ad is extremely influential.  It is an ad for a campaign against child abuse and depicts a "broken" child as the result.  I think this ad could really affect the audience in a positive way to end child abuse, but I also think the ad could make people react negatively.  The only reason I think people might react negatively to the ad is because it is such a strong image.  When I first saw this ad, it made me very sad to see this image.  I feel as if others may feel really sad when they see this image too.

I think this is a very good ad because it has such a strong message.  I do think that the image could be kind of controversial because it is an image of a child in pain.  The ad may be controversial, but maybe it takes an image like this to help prevent child abuse.

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