Monday, September 13, 2010

Obesity Campaign

I am not sure what company made these ads or exactly why, but I am guessing it was some sort of fitness brand with a campaign for people to get healthy.  The images portray a fit and healthy person inside of an obese person trying to push their way out.  These ads make the obese person not seem as real as the fit person inside of them, which makes the viewers think that the real them is much healthier.  

I think these ads could be very persuasive to obese people.  I think an image such as this can be very motivational, because it shows people the potential that they have to get in shape.  It puts them in the state of mind that they have that "inner fit person" just trying to get out.  

On the other hand, these ads could also be offensive to obese people.  They might feel like people are telling them who they should be while some obese people are fine with the way they are.  

I think these ads relate to what we are learning in class because they are a very persuasive advertisements that make the audience think about their lifestyle choices.  They also are examples of things that could offend the target audience which in this case would be obese people or people who could be obese.

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