Friday, September 3, 2010

Lego Ad

I chose to write about this ad because I thought it was extremely simple, but very cute.  I like the way it has a picture of the Legos with the airplane as a shadow.  The ad shows Legos can expand a child's creativity.  I think the ad shows the fun that is found in a simple children's toy.  Imagination is what makes the toy fun.  

This ad promotes children's creativity, which differs from the newer children's toys that are so complex that they make it harder for children to create what they want with the toy. For example, there are plenty of action figures being sold, but they do not leave room for the imagination of the child to decide what they want it to be.  Children cannot build whatever they want out of an action figure. The ad shows how a couple of Legos can make a child's imagination run wild.  It shows the fun that a child could have from their own creativity.

I think this ad is relevant to the class because it is a very clever and creative ad.  It would attract the target audience of parents well because it shows that Legos expand a child's imagination.

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