Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anti-Smoking Ad

This ad was made for an anti-smoking campaign, mocking Joe Camel, the character used to represent Camel cigarettes.

Smoking has been an issue in the world for the past decades.  Recent knowledge has been exploiting the negative side effects of smoking.  Advertisements such as below are very blunt and to the point.  They don't try to candy-coat the fact the smoking has very harmful side effects.

These ads for anti-smoking campaigns are harsh, but are made this way to hopefully scare people away from smoking or scare them into quitting smoking.  I feel that it takes a blunt ad such as this to really persuade the target audience.  This ad is blunt and harsh because it shows just how bad someone can end up after smoking.

This ad is relevant to what we are learning in class because it proves the power of advertising and the strength that a message can have on people's behavior. 

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