Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heineken Ad

I thought this ad was creative and funny.  I like the fact that it is slightly 3-D, which makes it more eye-catching to me.  It is a very large ad, so it would easily be seen, and the 3-D makes it stand out even more.  The color scheme of almost all of Heineken's ads are monochromatic, which I like because when you see one of their ads, you know it is theirs right away from the same color green that is in every one.  

I also like how this ad is very simple.  The simplicity of it makes it stand out more to me, because the picture is very clear.  There is the Heineken label and only one word, Biertje, which means beer in Dutch.  The ad is so simple, yet overpowering at the same time with the largeness of the ad and the large amount of green in the ad.  Overall, I think this is a good ad for Heineken. 

I think this ad relates to class because it is a very creative way of advertising and is a good source of inspiration for students that are new to the world of advertising since the message is so simple and clear in the ad.